Refunds & Returns Policy

Order cancellation

At Home Garden Area, we understand that circumstances may change, and you may need to cancel your order. Here’s our order cancellation policy:


We value your satisfaction and want to ensure you have a positive shopping experience at Home Garden Area. You are eligible for a refund or reshipment of ordered products under the following conditions:

  1. Non-Delivery: If you do not receive your order within the guaranteed time frame of 45 days (excluding 2-5 day processing), you can request a refund or reshipment.
  2. Wrong Item: In the event that you receive the wrong item, we will gladly offer a refund or arrange for the correct item to be sent to you.
  3. Unwanted Product: If you receive a product that you no longer want, you may request a refund. Please note that in this case, you will need to return the item at your expense, and it must be unused.

Refund Exceptions

There are certain situations where we are unable to issue a refund:

  1. Factors within Your Control: If your order does not arrive due to factors within your control, such as providing an incorrect shipping address, we are unable to issue a refund.
  2. Exceptional Circumstances: If your order does not arrive due to exceptional circumstances beyond our control, such as customs clearance issues or delays caused by natural disasters, a refund may not be possible.

Please keep in mind that refund requests must be submitted within 15 days after the guaranteed delivery period (45 days) has expired. If you believe you are eligible for a refund, please reach out to us by sending a message on our Contact Us page.

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